Why is December a great time to find a new role?

By James Banks


9th Dec 2016

Hello December lettering and snow flakesAfter speaking to people from all levels and industries, convention seems to be that December is an awful time to start your search. Employers shut their windows until after the Christmas break and hiring managers tend to take their foot off the gas.


As far as recruitment goes, most agencies seem to slow down, the Christmas parties begin to loom and frankly everybody in the office has one eye on the extended break (which is gold-dust for any recruiter).


However, in my experience as a Recruiter, IT consultant and Sales Executive, I’ve concluded that December is far more lucrative for your search and that the window is certainly not closed. Looking into the stats over the last 8 years, across three offices, 20+ vertical markets and over 50 consultants, shows us that interviews, job offers and concluded deals in December are significantly higher than what you would expect.


This is down to various factors that we can explore further:




You will have a significantly decreased amount of competition with every job you apply for. With so many of your rivals slacking off for holidays, there will be far less applications for your CV to compete with. The chance to take your time through an application process during December always goes a long way, allowing you adequate time to prepare for interviews and to complete technical tasks whilst not having a looming stress cloud (I’m not talking AWS) over your computer.


On the flip side, your competition after the Christmas period will be up tenfold compared to your average recruitment drive. Applications are almost doubled, interview slots fill up within hours and the time spent finding a new role increases by 33%!

Your diligence:

You will be noted down as somebody who is pro-active, somebody who is not content with waiting till next month, or after the holidays, and the fact that you are active and passionate about making a move that will expand your career will not go unnoticed – I find my clients are far more willing to attend after work interviews and interviews during lunch breaks as they are willing to show equal commitment to your application.



Networking in the holiday period is awesome, the amount of social events that occur with dinners and parties means getting involved with companies and getting a real feel for the team you will be working with, while giving you a great insight into your future working environment. It goes without saying; the festive period brings out the best in us. Nobody wants to be labeled a “scrooge”, start networking and start schmoozing today!


Start Working in Jan

Mans shoes waiting at the starting lineIf you have a notice period, or even a four week notice period but would love a break in between roles, what a better time to look than in December – most companies will be happy with you joining after the Christmas break, they can keep you involved in festivities and then start physically working in January – Best of both worlds right?


All in all, December is a far more lucrative chance to search for a job and what better feeling to have then eating your festive lunches with the thought of an exciting, better paid opportunity to go back to in January. If you’re ever struggling to get motivated after the break, a new role is something to add to the menu for sure.


So if you’re interested in looking for a new role and finding out what December can do for you, don’t delay get in contact with me today!


Skype: Kashtld9


I am more than happy to help!!

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