10 Top Developer Jokes for Fridays

It's Friday and time to unwind and prepare for the weekend.  Here at Explore we've curated some of our favourite developer memes, jokes and cartoons from around the web to help you destress from a hard weeks coding and end the week on a high

1. Raspberry Pi

Someone has been getting their pies mixed up in WHSmiths 

Raspberry Pi

2. Donald Trump doesn't read code

And we'll leave it at that

Donald Trump

3. How developers see the rest of the office


Not in IT

4. Wrong AI

Try not to get too excited at these sand dunes.  AI isn't exactly perfect yet - we love the examples of Alexa ordering hundreds of dollhouses for kids accidentally but recent stories of inappropriateness are concerning


Wrong AI

5. Game of Thrones Siri

If your Siri can really do this then all is forgiven

Siri GOT

6.  Pizza Superhero

We need this guy at our Meetups!


7. Real code quality definition

The true reality of coding



8. The wisest coding advice

A low level of paranoia may be wise sometimes

Psychopath Coder

9.  What are you creating with your software?

Software Design

10. Swiss Army 

Ok it's an oldie but a goodie

Swiss Army

Added 16-Mar-2018