2018 Tech Events UK: The Ultimate Developer Guide

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We’ve compiled the most complete list of all UK Tech Events for 2018 for developers, software engineers, programmers, IT leaders and anyone interested in Tech.  It includes everything from conferences, Meetups, workshops, summits, seminars to hackathons and camps with over 300 UK events and many more on their way.  

If you want to keep on top of the latest goings on in the world of technology and software development you’ll need to learn a few new tips and tricks from your peers and industry thought leaders.

We understand how hard it can be to find the time to search the myriad of options out there, especially as many of the events listings in the web aren’t UK centric or only cover the larger events, which is why we’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you with our searchable 2018 Tech Events UK guide 

Whether you want to learn more about major trends in technology that you can implement as an IT leader or embrace your local community of like minded developers we’ve got it all ready and waiting for you.

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Event Name



Amazon Appstore Developer Meetup


2 July

Lean IT Meetup

London 2 July

Data, Protocols, AI Discussion

London 2 July

OWASP AppSec Europe

London2 - 6 July

Repository Fringe 2018

Edinburgh2 - 3 July

Sanger Hackathon 2018

Cambridge2 - 3 July

Human Computer Interaction Conference

Belfast2 - 6 July

London Clojurians Monthly Gathering

London3 July

Cloud Native London Meetup

London3 July JavaScript Engineering Meetup

London3 July

Service Design Mobile UX London

London3 July

Expert Talks - Going on a bug hunt

London3 July
Scrum Coaching RetreatLondon3 July
London .NET JulyLondon4 July
PHP London MeetupLondon5 July
CWIC 2018Cambridge4 July
Microservices MeetupLondon4 July
How to GithubLondon5 July
Innovation Conference London5 July
Infiniteconf 2018London5 - 6 July
ServerlessDaysLondon6 July
LONDON FINTECH WEEK 2018London6 - 13 July
Brighton Ruby ConferenceBrighton6 July
SAT 2018Oxford9 - 12 July
Meet, learn and share ideas about MicroPythonLondon9 July
CodeUp Manchester July Monthly SessionManchester9 July
London Clojure Dojo at uSwitchLondon9 July
Parallelism in JuliaLondon9 July
Computing Conference 2018London10 - 12 July
ag-grid and Dojo 2London10 July
Big Data and Machine LearningLondon10 July
Future Networks SeminarBristol10 July
Develop:BrightonBrighton10 - 12 July
Women in AI DinnerLondon11 July
FullStackLondon11 - 13 July
IGGI ConferenceLondon12 - 13 July
SQUID - Two Talks - BDD and APIsLondon12 July
Build Actions for Your CommunityReading12 July
Agile on the BeachPenryn12 - 13 July
CAV 2018Oxford13 - 17 July
UXBristol 2018Bristol13 July
Fourth Sheffield Smart City HackathonSheffield15 July 
unbound LondonLondon18 - 19 July
SCOTLAND CSSEdinburgh18 July
Build something!London19 July
SCOTLAND JSEdinburgh19 - 20 July
Hack DayLondon20 July
ICCCEG 2018London23 July
EuroPython 2018Edinburgh23 - 30 July
Python Pub MeetupEdinburgh24 July
LFFN & 5G – The Next WaveLiverpool24 July


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Why should you go to a Meetup?


It all seems to be happening at Meetups these days and the relaxed informal format of drinks, pizza, chat and informative presentations seems to be a winner for most software developers, digital marketers, well, whatever you're into there's probably a Meetup somewhere.

They're a great place for getting to know your peers and there seems to be little social awkwardness which isn't always the case at bigger events.  Most people don't mind being approached and talking about work or anything else that you might like to touch on.  They don't cost much, if anything, and you get to hear from the people on the ground - doing what you do - rather than influential speakers who might not have got their hands dirty for a little while

Why should you go to conferences, summits or seminars?


There are a number of big conferences throughout the year and some of them are even free to attend.  If you're looking to find out more about suppliers in your market then this is the place to go.  If you want a bag full of freebies and enough pens and cups for the rest of the year this is also the place to go.  The most important reason however to attend conferences is probably the great seminars which are usually on offer from industry thought leaders.  You can pick up on up and coming trends before your competitors and real insight on what is happening right now and about to happen in the near future.  You might also get the chance to attend workshops where you can discuss typical industry issues with your peers.  Conferences are also a great chance to chat with the industry leading speakers and get to know them.  Most of them are happy to answer questions during sessions and afterwards and are generally flattered by the attention.

Why should you go to workshops?


Smaller workshops and seminars are where you can often learn new skills, upgrade what you currently know and sometimes even put new skills into practice.  Why not take the chance to play around with code where you can't break anything important, don't have to battle with your company's staging sites or restrictive change controls.  You'll also get the chance to ask the questions that you might not be able to in your own company.

Why should you go to a Hackathon?


You get to spend quality time working with a team of peers solving the real life issues of often big name tech companies.  You'll work with people who are as excited about this as you are, get the chance to win cool prizes, notoriety in your field and add a new t-shirt to your collection.  Hackathons can be great if you're not too experienced and want to add to your work portfolio.  If you're super experienced they might be a great place to showcase your work to big sponsors - almost like a hands on interview.  The best thing about Hackathons however has to be the sense of accomplishment by the end of the day - you've come in fresh to a problem, worked it through and solved it - what can be more gratifiying than that?  They're hard work but truly exciting and whatever level you're at you're certain to learn something new and have fun whilst you're doing it

Why should you go to a Tech Camp?

Are you kidding? It's a holiday! You get to hang out with people you've got loads in common with (hopefully), have a laugh, possibly get up to mayhem and make great friends with your peers.  It could be the start of new lifelong friendships, a great chance to immerse yourself further in your field or just have fun with some likeminded people


Start planning your 2018 events schedule now

Whether you want to learn new skills, network with your peers, find out about new trends from leading influencers, or focus more deeply on your field of work, then you should definitely get out and about more.  Many software developers are happy working in their own company silos but you don't know what you don't know unless you get out in the wider world.  If you want to play a bigger part in your company's success it is vital that you learn what is happening in your market and implement any useful tips when you return.  Getting out and networking can be a great way of getting yourself known for what you do and it might just open up a new door to the job you've been waiting for.


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