Diversity and Inclusion Tech Events | 2019

Every UK industry sector is now reliant on technology, and our future is increasingly tied to it

The IT and Tech Industry in the UK continues to struggle to hire the staff it needs, however, to keep up with the pace of change

Intelligent tech companies are keen to hire from a more diverse and inclusive pool of talent to broaden their chances of employing creative and innovative staff and continuing to compete in the marketplace

So if tech companies are keen to hire for diversity and inclusion – are they achieving it?

The answer, in short, is a resounding ‘NO’

Diversity and Inclusion in the UK Tech Sector

The UK Tech sector has a worrying lack of diversity amongst its senior leadership in large tech firms with only 8.5% from a minority background and 12.6% female in comparison to a better balance in FTSE 100 businesses.  In London, the situation is even worse proportionally where the majority of tech jobs are located while more than 40% of the population come from a minority ethnic background (according to an analysis by The Guardian)

We investigated Women in Tech earlier in the year in our How to hire more women in Tech blog looking at what can be done to address the imbalance.  But it shouldn’t be just about hiring more women but the opportunity to embrace every community and group in society to prepare for the future. 

The employment gap for people with disabilities has shrunk over the last year from 49.8% to 51.3 % which is encouraging (see UK Government briefing) but there are still only 17% of people with Autism in full-time employment – many of whom may well suit a career in technology

Acknowledging the issues and gaps that exist is the first step for tech companies, and many are on that path.  It is vital that there is awareness in all companies – that they get in the right headspace, get in the conversation and take real action to improve the equilibrium and hire right for the future

And to get in the conversation companies need to get out there!  To help you know what is going on and where the conversation is happening, we’ve compiled a list of all the UK’s Tech Diversity and Inclusion events for 2019, so you know what is happening when and where

Whatever your background – get involved now and help the tech industry grow and prepare for a fairer and productive future

Event name Location Date
TechPixies Face to Face Info Session London 03-Apr
WomenHack London 04-Apr
How To Start Your Career In Tech London 04-Apr
Ruby and Ruby on Rails Study Group Edinburgh 09-Apr
How to Build and Grow Diverse Team London 10-Apr
Women in tech: Introduction to Machine Learning London 10-Apr
Women in Tech York Learn Something New York 11-Apr
The Lead Developer Meetup London 11-Apr
Athena London 13-14 Apr
WiDS Edinburgh @Amazon Edinburgh 15-Apr
Ethics, Bias & Algorithmic Fairness in the world of AI London 16-Apr
Hiring Diverse Tech Talent London 18-Apr
Women Who Code X Womenfolk Belfast 18-Apr
International Women's Day 2019 Reading 29-Apr
Women in STEM London 30-Apr
Python Code Academy London 30-Apr
Diversity & Inclusion Experiences London 01-May
Inspiring women who changed the world of AI Reading 01-May
BeyondTech 2019 London 01-02 May
ReactJS Girls Conference London 02-03 May
Women Returners Conference 2019 London 13-May
Women in FinTech Power Hour London 16-May
Women in Tech Employer Network Breakfast London 22-May
FemTech 2019 London 29-May
Wonder Women Tech International Conference London 08-Jun
Future of Work Summit London 13-Jun
Hopperx1 London London 14-Jun
WinTechSeries Awards London 25-Jun
Women of Silicon Roundabout 2019 London 25-26 Jun
Future Stars of Tech London 27-Jun
Women - Successful and Recognised Leadership London 02-Jul
Women in Tech Scotland Edinburgh 03-Sep
EICC Live: Women in Tech Edinburgh 03-Sep
Women in Tech Scotland Edinburgh 03-Sep
WomenHack London 26-Sep
STEM Girls Day October 2019 Milton Keynes 10-Oct
Black Girl Fest 2019 London 12-Oct
Stem Women Community Event Edinburgh 16-Oct
Stem Women Community Event London 23-Oct
Stem Women Community Event Manchester 30-Oct
Stem Women Community Event Birmingham 05-Nov
Stem Women Community Event Bristol 13-Nov
Stem Women Community Event Dublin 20-Nov
Lessons from Leading Women Tech Entrepreneurs London 25-Nov
Stem Women Community Event London 27-Nov

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