Explore Group Win Mobile Web Award

Explore Group are proud to announce that the Web Marketing Association has presented us with an award for outstanding achievement in Mobile Development.  

The Explore website was designed and built to provide jobs, news, views and events to the technology and digital sectors alongside careers pages for those looking to become part of our team

The website is built on a card based layout to provide optimal mobile viewing and a consistency of experience and is fast and simple to use and designed to provide an engaging journey.  

The inspiration behind the site came from the Explore Group wanting to stand out from other recruitment agencies where the norm for websites is often to follow a template based website structure.  This has resulted in a plethora of very similar recruitment websites and little creativity or real added value to customers.  

Explore Group partnered with Chris Curd Designs who are a highly innovative web design company who already had the tech we needed to build a leading edge recruitment site but also the vision and design skills to create something truly different and state of the art.  The combination of creative and technical minds from both sides (Nikki Hayford project managing the build from Explore Group and Chris Curd) has resulted in a site that hopefully stands out from its competitors now. 

We've used a Mobile First design process to ensure a good user experience whether you are looking for a job, looking for candidates or wanting to keep up with the latest news and events.   The neat card design which we've used for jobs, blogs, sectors, events, team cards and contact information looks great on mobile, flows well from one part of the site to another and has really helped create a fast and minimal application process.  

The design has been based on the theme of Exploration and 'Going Further' in your career and in technology.  Chris Curd Designs have used Parallax for the 'Go Further' design and sector icons to engage with users and add to the browsing experience

The site is also extremely content rich and has been created to engage with candidates and clients providing them with insight and news.  It is now the number 1 website in the UK for technology and digital events with over 400 events for 2018 from conferences, hackathons, seminars, meetups to even developer camps.   The Explore Group consultants are highly focused on embracing the world of tech and development and are keen to understand their candidates and clients better so a large focus on events has supported their learning and at the same time has added real value for the tech community.

For those of you from a Marketing or business background you might be wondering if all of this wonderful design and content has actually brought us the results we've needed.  We're glad to say that in a very short time period our traffic has more than doubled and so have our conversions - but this is only the start of our journey.

We hope you like our site and will enjoy using it.  In all honesty we are only at stage one in its development and still have a long way to go to implement all of our ideas.  We've got some exciting new improvements and features in the pipeline which will be rolled out during this year so please come and visit us regularly and if you want a great new website we might just know a team who can help. 

If you want to get in touch with us please feel free to on - we'd love to hear your feedback - especially if you feel that we could help your experience even further

Added 8-Feb-2018