Explore's Top 9 CV Writing Tips



Include a BRIEF personal statement

3-5 lines summarising why you are applying for this role and what you will bring that sets you apart from others – tailor this for every role you apply to and stand out. The aim here is make it easy for employers to see you fit the spec.


Absolutely showcase your skills, but more importantly show the IMPACT they had in the roles you worked. It’s not the skill you have, it’s how you use it that will grab an employer’s attention and make you stand out. Highlight the biggest achievements.


Don’t just say you ‘added value’ prove it with statistic and facts such as revenue, projects completed, clients won, percentage gains or other measurement criteria which is relevant to your role. Think, what would the reader see as success?

Mirror the language used in the job advert

Adapt your CV to include the keywords, terms, jargon and language that are used on the advert that you are applying for.

Give DETAIL for recent positions, list older roles

Aim to keep to 2-3 pages max. For your most recent roles, give a brief summary of the company, size, stage and industry, then bullet points for your key responsibilities and achievements.

Explain yourself

A brief statement on why you took AND left each role helps prospective employers understand your logic and career focused decision making process- a key assessment area in any hire.

Keep it short and sweet

Research shows you have only 9 seconds to impress a potential employer with your CV! So, you want your CV to be no more than 2 pages (3 at most) with only your most impressive skills, experience and achievements included

Check (and double check) spelling and grammar

First impressions are important, and your CV is the first thing a potential employer will see so make sure you are putting your best foot forward and checking before you click send

Be honest!

It is likely you will be asked to elaborate in your interview or when speaking to a recruiter which will be difficult if you have half-truths on your CV – this includes gaps and career breaks





Added 25-May-2022