Front End Developer Hiring Trends 2019

Front End development technologies have been tripping over themselves in the race to the top in the last few years and picking the right tech stack may have been a tricky task - but it looks like the world of Front End development may be about to settle down now.

The JavaScript ecosystem still rules with React at the top of NPM downloads and Vue and Angular fighting it out for second place.  It could be argued that as market share for Front End tech is continually growing along with the number of developers, there is space for more tools, but UI standardisation is now on the horizon. 

Framework agnostic web components such as Bit, Lit-Html, StencilJ and SvelteJS are predicted to affect everything moving forward from styling, testing, state management and modularity.  Components are likely to become full design systems making the difference between designers and developers less noticeable in the future.  The future of Front End is guaranteed to be exciting!

We’ve created a Front End Hiring Trends infographic below to answer some of your current questions – it’ll be interesting to see how this changes over the next year.  If you can’t wait – then feel free to contact us directly at any time for even more specific insights into the Front End Developer market.


Added 19-Aug-2019