How to keep up with the latest DevOps news

DevOps can work well because of the new collaboration between teams that didn’t previously exist.   We all know that sharing information and working together to improve performance can be beneficial but why not spread that theory a little wider.  You may work in a great DevOps team but your company probably exists as its own little DevOps silo in the greater world.  Why not apply the concept of collaboration to outside of your company and learn from the wider DevOps community rather than trying to learn everything internally the hard way. 

If you’re a DevOps Engineer you’ll already understand that the trends move rapidly in this area and you need to keep on top of them

You can learn the latest DevOps news and views by following the top news sites, blogs, forums, communities and even vendor sites.  You might even want to join in the conversations and build your influence in the marketplace.  At least start with some gentle lurking so you can pick up on the latest advice from the key DevOps thought leaders.

We’ve started the ball rolling for you by selecting the biggest DevOps sites and places you need to be to stay apace of the latest developments.

10 DevOps News Sites


CW logo

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Why is it useful? It’s been around a long time and know what they’re doing with their DevOps News, In Depth insight, Blogs, Opinion and video interviews and an IT Knowledge Exchange where you can ask questions  - certainly one to follow to keep up to date

DevOpsOnline logo


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Why is it useful? It’s an entirely DevOps focused UK news site with the latest breaking news and videos and a good selection of DevOps white papers

DevOpscom logo

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Why is it useful? This DevOps site has it all from news and blogs to books, webinars and directories. They pride themselves as having the largest collection of original DevOps content on the web and you is a must for anyone interested in DevOps

SD Times logo

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Why is it useful? It is a software development information site but has a DevOps trending section, eNewsletter and Learning Centre amongst a whole raft of tech resources

SysconMedia logo

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Why is it useful? They are a large media site with a DevOps section under their @DevOpsSummit Journal which has a very comprehensive list of news and articles

Dzone 3 logo

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Why is it useful? Dzone has a DevOps zone which has news, tutorials and reviews both from aggregated content from other sites and user generated content which should provide a wealth of information on DevOps topics plus more besides

Networkworld logo

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Why is it useful? Ok this isn’t strict DevOps, and is more Ops than Dev, but it has both in-depth tech news and DevOps business management information that should be useful to anyone wanting to follow high level DevOps news 

The Register Logo

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Why is it useful? It has loads of DevOps news and opinion and the site as a whole covers anything tech, engineering or science focused 

Tech Target logo

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Why is it useful? TechTarget is an IT Marketing company with an enormous network of technology specific websites.  It doesn’t have a DevOps section per se but certainly has a lot of relevant content on its network and some famous writers.  Try searching on keywords and you’ll soon find something interesting e.g. or

Cloudtech logo

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Why is it useful? It is a community of professionals interested in cloud computing and technology and it has a DevOps category. 


You might also like to try out  Infoworld logoTechCrunch logo


Join in the conversation at these 10 DevOps Communities



AmazonWebServices logo

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Why is it useful? AWS rules Cloud and you can learn a lot from reading and responding to the discussions on their huge network

Rackspace logo

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Why is it useful? Rackspace try hard to keep you informed and have a great community and informative content

MS Developer Network

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Why is it useful? The MSDN forum has extensive documentation and multiple conversational threads on everything Microsoft and including DevOps topics such as Azure

StackExchange logo small

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Why is it useful? The DevOps Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for software engineers working on automated testing, continuous delivery, service integration and monitoring, and building SDLC infrastructure

LinkedIn logo

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Why is it useful? LinkedIn Groups aren’t quite what they were but these two groups have over 80,000 members between them and are a great place to share your DevOps knowledge

Quora logo

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Why is it useful? Quora is a question and answer site which is very popular with developers and engineers in general.  Ask or answer DevOps questions and demonstrate your DevOps knowledge

Reddit logo

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Why is it useful? Reddit can be a strange place but it can also provide you with information you might not easily find elsewhere and your DevOps questions will certainly get lots of answers

Hackernews logo

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Why is it useful? This is the forum for Y Combinator the world’s largest start-up incubator.  Essentially – you  need to be on Hacker News if you want to find out what is happening in tech or about to happen from industry thought leaders

Spiceworks2 logo

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Why is it useful? This is a general IT forum with a general DevOps section and a Dockers and Containers forum

DevOps cube logo

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Why is it useful? It has a community that discussed anything relating to DevOps including Microservices, Serverless Cloud and Distributed Systems but also has relevant courses, articles and is a mine of DevOps information


You now know how to find all of the latest news and views but how do you deal with the inherent information overload?  Aside from locking yourself away in a dark room to take it all in you might want to set up a Google Alert that feeds you this information on a daily or weekly basis, use the sites RSS feeds or sign up to their email alerts.  

Added 4-Nov-2019