How to secure your next tech role

We know the job search and interview process can be long and tiring. However, the right plan and mindset can help you streamline your job search to get a job you love.

We have compiled the following list of tips to help secure your next role:

Sell yourself with soft skills:

Your soft skills are just as important as your technical skills. Soft skills will help you build rapport with colleagues and stakeholders. Your ability to build positive and supportive relationships with the people in your workplace will help make your team happier and more productive.

For the most part, your soft skills will be assessed from your responses and demeanour during interviews. Consider improving your soft skills so that you can show your potential employer that you not only have the technical skills and experience, but are able to articulate clearly, adapt to changing scenarios, and are able to collaborate effectively.

Research, Research, Research:

Do your skills fit the tech stack the company utilizes? Does the company’s culture match your values? Do the benefits they offer match your needs and wants?
You must also consider the skills that may not match the job spec perfectly. In these cases, be sure your application clearly points to any internships, open-source projects, or volunteer projects where you applied a given technology. If you don’t know everything about an employer’s technologies, be honest. Any skill gaps that are a deal-breaker will be addressed in your phone screen with a recruiter.

Network with the dev community:

As the cliché says, your network is your net worth.
Hiring managers have more confidence in candidates who are backed by a strong network. It can take time to build your network, but it’s never too late to start. Even if the results aren’t immediate, you never know when the people in your network will help you get noticed or alert you to future job opportunities.

It may seem like an uphill battle if you don’t already have an established network but there are multiple ways to grow it. You can build your network by attending networking events, participating in meetups, open-source projects, and hackathons, or leveraging social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Study and Prepare:

Understanding what the interview process looks like is vital to being able to prepare yourself. If the job you’re thinking of applying for has a coding interview to assess your skills, you will need to ask yourself “am I fully prepared for this?”. If not it’s vital to begin preparing and brushing up on your expertise.


Following these tips will aid you in your job search. For any available roles click here.

Added 3-Mar-2023