Java Developer Hiring Trends UK 2019

Java is still the 5th most popular programming language according to the latest 2019 StackOverflow survey and remains no.1 on the Tiobe index yet there are many that talk about its demise. 

You’ll be glad to hear that it is still vital in the current world of business technology (Minecraft hasn't just driven its popularity!); however, there is much debate about where it is useful today.

The days of Java’s popularity on desktop dropped a long while ago because it is slow, memory sucking and entirely controlled by the diktat of Oracle. Web apps are likely to use JavaScript or Typescript etc. instead, and Kotlin has become more popular on Android than Java now.

Where Java comes into its own is as the dominant programming language in the Enterprise now that Enterprise Java is no longer about Java EE, which has indeed declined. The Java ecosystem is enormous now and growing on the server-side

If you’re a Java developer or a company using Java development skills, then you may wonder what the Java hiring landscape looks like now after so much change and how the hiring market for Java skills has evolved. 

We’ve created a Java Developer Hiring Trends infographic to answer some of your questions below hopefully.  Moreover, if that isn’t enough – then feel free to contact us for even more specific insights into the Java Developer market



Added 1-Apr-2019