New York's Tech & Networking Events Guide | 2019

Welcome to our New York Tech, Networking, Startup and Developer Events Guide 2019

Updated October 2019


Our 2019 guide is the most comprehensive list of New York Tech, Developer & Startup Networking Events to be found on the web right now. 

We are committed to religiously updating it every month with the latest conferences, Meetups, workshops, summits, seminars, hackathons and more - so you can rely on us to be up to date with the most exciting events in Tech throughout the year

If you're a developer, software engineer, programmer, coder, IT leader, startup entrepreneur or just interested in Tech then visit us regularly to update your skills, ensure that you connect and network with other great New Yorkers, and hopefully have some fun and meet new peers or friends - whatever area of Tech you work in.

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Event Name  Date
PyGotham Preview Night 01-Oct
October NY Info Security Meetup 01-Oct
NYC .NET Hacktoberfest 2019 01-Oct
Cupcakes and Code: A Hacknight 02-Oct
App Growth Summit: Programmatic NYC 2019 02-Oct
TechMeeting - Reviving Retail with New Technologies 02-Oct
Weekly Project Night 02-Oct
The Product Group October 2019 03-Oct
JavaScript the Hard Parts: Async & Promises 03-Oct
Packaging Sprint Night: Warehouse + conda-forge 03-Oct
#LeadDevMeetup 03-Oct
Cyber Security Summit: New York 03-Oct
PyGotham 2019 04-Oct
Haskell CoHack 05-Oct
UnityNYC Workshop Series #1 07-Oct
Top 3 Cases For Using Serverless Right Now! 07-Oct
Monthly Emacs 07-Oct
Ascent Conference 2019 07-Oct
Data Science for Product Development 08-Oct
Getting Acquainted with GraphQL 08-Oct
Beam NYC Kickoff! 08-Oct
AMP as a Framework | Optimize for Speed 08-Oct
Arm TechCon 2019 08-10 Oct
Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud 09-Oct
Live Coding Workshop @ Google 09-Oct
Finding, Hiring & Retaining Talent with Hybrid Data Skills 09-Oct
SeaAhead's Global Bluetech Summit 2019 09-Oct
Succeeding with a Cloud Data Lake 10-Oct
NODES 2019 10-Oct
Dataware Symposium New York 10-Oct
Dataware Hands-On Labs New York 10-Oct
Dataware Symposium New York 10-Oct
Kubernetes Security Jumpstart 14-Oct
Luxury Interactive 14-15 Oct
AngularNYC October 15-Oct
LeSS Adoption @ Large FinTech 15-Oct
Mondo.NYC 2019 15-Oct
Programmatic I/O 15-16 Oct
SmashingConf New York 15-16 Oct
Social Media Strategies Summit NY 15-17 Oct
Mondo NYC 15-18 Oct
Autonomous deployments in modern systems 16-Oct
How to Best Research Your Problem Area & Product 16-Oct
NYC Quantum Computing Meetup 16-Oct
Systematic Strategies and Machine Learning 16-Oct
Streaming Summit 16-17 Oct
The 5th Annual Timmy Awards 17-Oct
dbt Meetup at Warby Parker 17-Oct
Breaking the Monolith (with Kubernetes) 17-Oct
NYC Scrum User Group Meetup 17-Oct
How to Make the Best Container Image for your Application 21-Oct
Future of Work | The Impact of Automation & Digital Transformation 21-Oct
Product Management Live Chat by Google Senior Product Manager 22-Oct
Web Scraping and Proxy Management Hands-on Workshop 22-Oct
Introduction to Minishift 23-Oct
WIA at Prudential in October 23-Oct
Strategies for New Managers: A panel discussion 23-Oct
Secure Supply Chains 24-Oct
Yakety Hack: Tech Talks and Hacker Challenges 24-Oct
Cyber Risk Insights Conference 2019 24-Oct
The New York City Technology Forum 28-29 Oct
VueNYC #27: Vueby Dooby Doo 29-Oct
DATAx Leadership Summit New York 29-30 Oct
AI in Digital Marketing Summit New York 29-30 Oct
AI in Banking and Finance Summit New York 29-30 Oct
AI and Big Data in Pharma Summit New York 29-30 Oct
DATAx New York 29-30 Oct
Introduction to Natural Language Processing 30-Oct
W.O.W Wednesdays- WoW Women Highlight 30-Oct
ODTUG Northeast Analytics Meetup 30-Oct

And please come and say 'Hi' if you see us at an event - we'd love to meet you!

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