Python Developer Hiring Trends UK 2019

Python is now the 4th most popular programming language according to the latest 2019 StackOverflow survey and the Tiobe index and is the fastest growing language currently and you can probably expect its popularity to rise even further over the coming years. 

Python is also the most wanted language by professional developers and the 2nd most loved according to the StackOverflow survey, so it seems for the moment that it can do no wrong.

Python’s surge in popularity is likely due to its usage at the forefront of new technologies such as Big Data, AI, Robotics and Machine Learning.  It is relatively easy for new users to learn; hence it is taught widely at schools now, and many programmers pick it up as another language to add to their skillset.  The fact that it has a vast library and support from Google won’t have gone amiss either

If you’re a Python developer or a company using Python development skills, then you may wonder what the Python hiring landscape looks like now.  Are there enough jobs to satisfy this rise in popularity?  Or are there enough Python developers on the market yet to meet the demand for them?

We’ve created a Python Developer Hiring Trends infographic to answer some of your questions below hopefully.  Moreover, if that isn’t enough – then feel free to contact us for even more specific insights into the Python Developer market

Added 7-May-2019