React Developer Hiring Trends UK 2019

React.js is now the joint 2nd most popular web framework (alongside Angular) for developers according to the latest 2019 StackOverflow survey and the most loved and wanted.  Its popularity surged last year by 115% and has climbed a further 4% this year.  On the mobile side React Native is the 5th most popular and the 3rd most wanted and 8th most loved. 

Why does everyone love React?

There are pros and cons of all the top frameworks, and personal preference and circumstances should dictate your choice rather than popularity, however, React’s popularity on StackOverflow may have its roots in the fact that it is easier to learn in comparison to Angular

It is ideal for building large scale advanced applications with minimal coding and has become the preferred option for developing single page web apps over Angular now because of its speed and flexibility. Many of the largest internet sites use React such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, WhatsApp, Yahoo and Dropbox

Is React Native key too?

React changed how we think about web development and React Native uses the same theory and code to build cross-platform mobile apps by providing a bridge on both iOS and Android, so they share a common interface.

The speed of development is key with JavaScript build times less than a second if your native code doesn’t change much meaning that you can deliver production quality apps in a few months.  Most developers are likely to be familiar with JavaScript, so the learning curve is very shallow too.

There are drawbacks, however, and a React Native app can suck your resources dry if you’re creating a complex app.  The fact that a React Native project immediately gives you 586 dependencies, 300 unique maintainers and 17 different types of licences may also give you sleepless nights dreaming of unidentifiable elements breaking and the subsequent panic to find and fix them.  Don’t let that put you off, however; it can be the perfect solution as long as your needs are not highly complex

If you’re a React developer or a company using React development skills, then you may wonder what the React hiring landscape looks like now.  Are there enough jobs to satisfy this rise in popularity?  Or are there enough React developers on the market yet to meet the demand for them?

We’ve created a React Developer Hiring Trends infographic to answer some of your questions below hopefully.  Moreover, if that isn’t enough – then feel free to contact us for even more specific insights into the React Developer market.


Added 11-Jun-2019