Ruby Developer Hiring Trends UK 2019

Ruby remains a popular language for software developers, but many see it as the  'Marmite' of the development world.  It is the 12th most popular language according to the latest 2019 StackOverflow Survey (with Ruby On Rails the 11th most popular framework), but 50% of developers love it while 50% dread it.

What many developers may be overlooking is that Ruby ticks all the boxes when it comes to getting a job.  Ruby has the 17th highest pay rate for Permanent jobs and the 10th highest daily rate for Contract jobs PLUS there are still lots of Ruby jobs out there and pay is INCREASING (permanent salaries increased by £5,000 on average in the last year)

The Ruby market is evolving

The number of Ruby jobs has admittedly diminished somewhat in recent years, but there are still a considerable number of Ruby opportunities and certainly no need to panic.  The Ruby market has just evolved, and the landscape shifted.

Change has been brought about by a number of the more prominent companies slowly moving away (very slowly it has to be said) while startups have increasingly picked up Ruby as a great language to start their business with

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Senior developers tend to love Ruby – it’s their baby, and they think it’s beautiful while Junior developers find it easy and exciting to learn.  With salaries increasing it is worth focusing on Ruby and spending the time to become an expert now.  Or maybe you’re considering adding Elixir to your skillset like many Ruby developers because of its many similarities with Ruby (just beware of the substantial differences too!)

If you’re a Ruby developer or a company using Ruby development skills, then you may wonder what the Ruby hiring landscape looks like now. 

We’ve created a Ruby Developer Hiring Trends infographic to answer some of your questions below hopefully.  Moreover, if that isn’t enough – then feel free to contact us for even more specific insights into the Ruby Developer market.

Added 26-Jun-2019