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Welcome to the UK's No.1 Directory for Tech and Digital events for 2019

August 2019 Edition


This is the complete list of all UK Tech and Digital Events for 2019 for software developers, software engineers, programmers, IT leaders, Digital Marketers and anyone interested in Tech.  It includes everything from conferences, Meetups, workshops, summits, Expos, and seminars to hackathons and camps with over 600 UK events and is regularly updated throughout the year

If you want to keep on top of the latest trends in the world of technology, software development or digital marketing, you'll find that getting out there in the wider world, learning from industry experts and hanging out with like-minded peers can improve your knowledge considerably

We know it's difficult and time-consuming to sift through hundreds of websites to find out what's going on locally which is why we've made this Tech & Digital Events 2019 guide easily searchable

Whether you want to learn more about significant trends in technology that you can implement as an IT leader, embrace your local developer community, find the latest Digital Marketing tips or have fun at a Gaming show -  we’ve got it all covered

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View the latest August events and some of the 2019 highlights below (Updated every month!)

Event name Location Date
Videogames Glasgow monthly meetup Glasgow 01-Aug
PHP London August 2019 London 01-Aug
NSManchester Manchester 05-Aug
Neural Nets - Prof. Mark Whitehorn London 05-Aug
R-Ladies Manchester at The Federation Manchester 06-Aug
Am I doing deployments right? London 06-Aug
Core Data & Marketing Funnel London 06-Aug
Spacemacs - a journey into the joy of Evil London 06-Aug
TechExeter + Digital Exeter Summer Social Exeter 07-Aug
PyData Manchester - Code Night Manchester 07-Aug
CTOs in Manchester London 07-Aug
London .NET August 2019 London 07-Aug
Cloud Native London, August 2019 London 07-Aug
Meet Amazing Data Women Manchester 08-Aug
Leeds Sitecore User Group August 2019 Leeds 08-Aug
C++ Edinburgh Edinburgh 12-Aug
Page Objects - you're doing it wrong Belfast 12-Aug
CodeUp Manchester August Monthly Session Manchester 12-Aug
London Mac OS/iOS User Meetup London 12-Aug
UX and Digital Design Week 2019 London 12-16 Aug
XD19 London London 13-Aug
NWDUG August 2019 Manchester 13-Aug
Cambridge Alexa Developers Meetup  Cambridge 14-Aug
Manchester Go meetup Manchester 14-Aug
Domain Driven Design in Practice London 14-Aug
DSF Meetup with Depop London 14-Aug
Digital For Good: Third Sector Lab & Firstport Edinburgh 15-Aug
Debut Glasgow SAS Meetup Glasgow 15-Aug
Productivity with Micro Frontends London 15-Aug
Learn Inbound 2019 Dublin 15-16 Aug
iCETiC ’19 Colchester 19-Aug
Administrating SQL Server with PowerShell dbatools London 19-Aug
Telling Human Stories With Data London 19-Aug
London #PowerBI user group London 19-Aug
INAIT 2019 Cambridge 19-20 Aug
ATC 2019 Leicester 19-23 Aug
IEEE Conference on Games 2019 London 20-23 Aug
Litmus Live 2019: London London 20-Aug
Testing event driven systems with Kafka Edinburgh 20-Aug
Games Development with Typescript and Canvas Manchester 20-Aug
UX Crunch Manchester: Engaging Stakeholders Manchester 20-Aug
Diversity Matters - Public Speaking Workshop London 20-Aug
The Last Frontier and Beyond London 20-Aug
London Scala Talks London 20-Aug
MWUG Monthly Meetup Manchester 21-Aug
How to improve accessibility on your site Manchester 21-Aug
Designing Sustainable Ops Cultures London 21-Aug
GopherCon UK 2019 London 21-23 Aug
Glasgow SEO Meetup Glasgow 22-Aug
Queer As Tech Manchester 22-Aug
SWmobile: summer social ☀️ Bristol 27-Aug
So how secure is your site really? Glasgow 27-Aug
Python Pub Meetup Edinburgh 27-Aug
XP as we would do it today London 27-Aug
Turing Fest 2019 Edinburgh 27-28 Aug
How and why test Azure Front Door  London 28-Aug
Kotlin/Everywhere London Talks London 28-Aug
ICIIP 2019 Oxford 28-30 Aug
ICCBDC 2019 Oxford 28-30 Aug
Cambridge Networks Day 2019 Cambridge 29-Aug
Fable Bournemouth 29-Aug


Highlights for 2019


Event name Location Date
Fireside Summit 2019 Bristol 3 - 4 Sept
ProgNET London 2019 London 11 - 13 Sept
CloudNative London 2019 London 25 - 27 Sept
Festival of Marketing 2019 London 9 - 10 Oct
SaaStock 2019 Dublin 14 - 16 Oct
droidcon London 2019 London 24 - 25 Oct
P3X 2019 London 7 - 8 Nov
Big Data LDN 2019 London 13 - 14 Nov
HalfStack 2019 London 22-Nov
Clojure eXchange 2019 London 2 - 3 Dec
FinTech Connect 2019 London 3 - 4 Dec
Scala eXchange London 2019 London 12 - 13 Dec


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Why should you go to a Meetup?


Meetups have become the standard go-to events, especially for the Tech industry over the last few years.  The relaxed, informal format of drinks, pizza, chat, and informative presentations is a format that suits many software developers and digital marketers and there is a huge range of subjects so whatever your passion - there's probably a Meetup for it somewhere

They're an excellent place for getting to know your peers, and they are generally extremely friendly and welcoming which isn't always the case at conference-style events.  Most people don't mind being approached and love the chance to talk about the Meetup subject further or anything you have in common that is more interesting (a conversation about a knitted Cthulhu springs to mind!)   They don't cost much if anything, and you get to hear from the people on the ground - doing what you do - rather than influential speakers who might not have got their hands dirty for a little while

Why should you go to conferences, summits or seminars?


There is a multitude of big conferences throughout the year and some are occasionally even free to attend.  They're incredibly useful if you're looking for new suppliers who will top up your supply of pens, cups and sweets for the rest of the year.   The most important decider to attend a conference however should be what you can learn from your industry thought leaders at the various workshops and seminars on offer.  You can beat your competitors to the latest tips and tricks and gain the industry insight that you need to help your company and career further.  You might also get the chance to attend workshops where you can discuss typical industry issues with your peers.  Conferences are also a great chance to chat with the industry leading speakers and get to know them - many of whom are extremely happy to answer your questions during or after sessions (a bit of ego stroking can go a long way)

Why should you go to workshops?



Smaller workshops and seminars are where you can often learn new skills, upgrade what you currently know and sometimes even put new skills into practice.  You can play around with code with the comfort of knowing that you won't break anything at work that matters and you're free from staging sites and the joy of restrictive change controls.  More importantly, you'll get the chance to ask relevant questions of industry leaders who can really help advance your knowledge

Why should you go to a Hackathon?


You'll spend quality time working with a team of interesting people solving real-life issues belonging sometimes to big-name tech companies or creating something for the greater social good.  You'll work with people who are as excited about this as you are, get the chance to win cool prizes, notoriety in your field and add a new t-shirt to your collection.  Hackathons can be great if you're not too experienced and want to add to your work portfolio.  If you're super skilled, they might be a great place to showcase your work to big sponsors - almost like a hands-on interview.  The best thing about Hackathons, however, has to be the sense of accomplishment by the end of the day - you've come in fresh to a problem, worked it through and solved it - what can be better than that?  They're hard work but truly exciting and whatever level you're at you're guaranteed to learn something new and have fun while you're doing it

Why should you go to a Tech Camp?

Are you kidding? It's a holiday! You get to hang out with people you've got loads in common with (hopefully), have a laugh, possibly get up to mayhem and make great friends with your peers.  It could be the start of new lifelong friendships, a great chance to immerse yourself further in your field or just have fun with some likeminded people


Start planning your 2019 events schedule now

Whether you want to learn new skills, network with your peers, find out about new trends from leading influencers or focus more intensely on your field of work, then you should definitely get out and about more.  Many software developers are happy working in their company silos, but you don't know what you don't know unless you get out in the wider world.  If you want to play a bigger part in your company's success it is vital that you learn what is happening in your market and implement any useful tips when you return.  Getting out and networking can be a great way of getting yourself known for what you do and it might just open up a new door to the job you've been waiting for.



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