Which Digital Agencies do employees love the most?

When you’re looking for a new digital marketing job it may seem that there are a multitude of similar jobs at a plethora of digital marketing agencies out there.   

On the surface, many of these roles seem the same in essence – what an SEO, PPC , Biddable, Performance or Content Specialist does at an agency doesn't always differ significantly, and can often depend more on the client than the agency itself.   

But what about where you will be spending most of your life everyday – are you going to enjoy your time there?  Should you apply to the biggest agencies that might boost your cv credibility? Or does the giant agency vibe seem a little corporate or overpowering?

Will you get the chance to really shine, use all of your skills and earn respect and responsibility?  Or would a smaller agency that is really going places with a friendly feel suit you more?

Are the biggest agencies the most beautiful?

Small is beautiful

With so many agencies out there wouldn't it be great if you knew which were doing well?  But also which were also highly regarded by their employees, have a great CEO and are really going places currently, whatever their size?

To help you accelerate your agency knowledge we’ve prepared this handy guide to help you analyse the UK’s top 50 Digital Agencies and which of those employees love the most (we may do another blog for the 51-100th agencies soon!)

Our guide has used the latest hot off the press Econsultancy Top 100 Digital Agencies Report 2017 as a baseline detailing the UKs largest agencies by fee.  We’ve then taken the data a step further, because earning big fees is only one part of the picture, and we've used Glassdoor data to give you the real view from the floor.  

The top 10 agencies for overall Glassdoor score

For those of you who aren't familiar with Glassdoor.  It is the worlds largest company review site holding millions of employee reviews about their companies.  Scores can be somewhat affected by some overly keen disgruntled employees but are certainly useful as a general guage of what it is like to work at a company.

  1. AND Digital (4.9)
  2. Stickyeyes Group (4.6)
  3. Ayima Group (4.5)
  4. Jellyfish Group (4.4)
  5. Cognifide (4.3)
  6. Inviqa UK Ltd (4.3)
  7. Kainos (4.2)
  8. VCCP Group LLP (4)
  9. BORN  (4)
  10. SYZYGY  (4)

The top 10 agencies that employees recommend

This is the attribute that is probably the real game changer.  If most employees would recommend their company it hints that it suits a wide range of people and that the chances are they look after their staff well.  (CAVEAT - some of these agencies have fewer reviews so results could be slightly skewed in their favour BUT smaller agencies will naturally have a lower number of reviews due to their size)

  1. Cognifide (100%)
  2. AND Digital (99%)
  3. Kainos (94%)
  4. AnalogFolk (93%)
  5. JellyFish Group (90%)
  6. Stickyeyes Group (89%)
  7. Rufus Leonard (89%)
  8. BORN (86%)
  9. Endava (UK) Ltd (86%)
  10. VCCP Group LLP (84%)

The top 10 agencies who rate their CEO

A highly regarded CEO is a sign of a steady ship and a leader who is probably not too detached from the workforce

  1. AND Digital (100%)
  2. Jellyfish Group (100%)
  3. Stickeyes Group (100%)
  4. Ayima Group (100%)
  5. twentysix (100%)
  6. RMA Consulting (100%)
  7. SYZYGY (100%)
  8. TMW Unlimited (100%)
  9. Isobar (100%)
  10. Fetch (100%)

The top 10 agencies whose employees think the business' outlook is improving

The agency could be lovely to work at with a lovely CEO but are they doing good business or is it starting to falter?

  1. AND Digital (99%)
  2. Stickyeyes Group (89%)
  3. Jellyfish Group (88%)
  4. twentysix (82%)
  5. Inviqa UK Ltd (81%)
  6. Kainos (80%)
  7. Accenture Interactive (71%)
  8. BORN (70%)
  9. Analog Folk (70%)
  10. Endaver (UK) Ltd (69%) AND Forward 3d (69%) AND Hugo & Cat (69%)

Which agencies are universally loved the most?

There are three clear agencies that are loved and trusted across the board by their staff (using all of the above criteria)  Please see the chart below for further data (Green = in the Top 10 for that category, Orange = in Top 20 for that category)


  1. Jellyfish Group
  2. AND Digital

  3. Stickyeyes Group

But the following are also highly rated when taking into account scores from the top 10 and top 20

  1. Kainos

  2. Born

  3. Endava

  4. VCCP

  5. Cognifide

  6. Analog


  8. Inviqa

  9. twentysix

  10. Ayima

UK Digital agencies comparison

Medium to small agencies are where it's at!

You'll notice scanning through our table that the top fee earning agencies are mainly colour free, whereas further down some of the smaller agencies are much more favoured by their employees.  Life is sometimes too short to spend most of your working life somewhere you might not be happy.  Try balancing out your employment options and dig a little deeper when looking for your next job.  Find out more about some of the smaller or newer agencies that you might not have heard of - you might discover your perfect next step

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...sometimes small can be perfectly formed

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