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Are you working with the best Tech recruitment agencies?

In the UK there are an astounding 40,000 recruitment agencies registered as trading - ranging from sole traders to large global brands established many decades ago - and around 20,000 staffing agencies in the US

The industry has changed significantly in recent years with the advent of new technology in contrast with the realisation that old school recruitment tactics don’t have a place in the modern business world

The change to a more enlightened industry hasn’t necessarily worked its way through every agency, however.  It can still seem like an impossible task for both candidates and businesses to find a recruiter who understands their needs, is a joy to work with yet efficient, gives useful feedback and invaluable support while also being capable of providing a good selection of interviews or top tech talent

How do job hunters feel about recruitment agencies?

The average job hunter relies on 3 or more agencies to find work and is relatively satisfied with those that they use (according to Feefo’s ‘Exploring UK attitudes to Recruiters’ survey) but only 16% are ‘very satisfied’ with the service they receive, and a mere 35% of IT and Telecoms workers find recruiters helpful and understanding

There is still a general attitude towards recruitment agencies (according to Feefo’s survey) that they typically oversell, don’t respond quickly (if at all), send irrelevant jobs, are incapable of meeting requirements and are only interested in picking up a fee. 

So how do you pick the right recruitment agency?

If you’re trying to grow your tech team, or advance your career, you’ll probably want a recruitment partner with in-depth market insight and excellent connections who is approachable, understands your requirements and can support your needs now and set you up for a prosperous future

Referrals from friends and colleagues are often a good indicator as to whether a recruiter is useful or not but other methods have historically been somewhat tricky.  Now we are in the modern world of consumer review sites this job has become easier but many review sites are subject to the whims of trolls and even occasionally tactical competitors so caution must be applied

Committed to improvement

Recruitment is a service industry, and at Explore Group our overarching aim is to be one of the best tech agencies offering an outstanding level of service that our clients and employees consistently love and depend on.  Our values of Integrity, Expertise, Partnership, Passion and Collaboration support our commitment to high-quality service. 

To ensure that we provide the best service possible we need to know what our customers love and if there is anything we can improve.   We want to be transparent, and if we’re not doing something right, we want to fix it. We can only do that by listening to our customers

To help us identify what top class service looks like we have just partnered with Feefo, an independent business review platform which stands out from other review sites in that it collects honest feedback from real customers, whereas other review sites allow anyone to leave a review.

The reviews shown on Feefo are 100% authentic - we can’t change them

We realise that this is a brave step to take, but we want to show what our service is like for potential candidates and clients.  

We want them to feel confident and able to trust us with their career ambitions and business growth goals, and we’re hoping to give them an insight into the way we work and a definite reason to choose us when they need expert help

Our consultants will also reap the rewards of  providing excellent service as they enjoy seeing the positive impact it has on their customers and simultaneously learn how to improve their work further and achieve greater success

Feefo’s survey shows that only 19% of customers had ever been asked for feedback by a recruitment agency meaning that the opportunity to make the changes that satisfy the needs of job hunters and businesses are usually missed

How Feefo works

Our candidates and businesses give us a customer service score out of 5 and also let us know how likely they are to recommend us to a friend or colleague (Net Promoter Score)

We are now live on Feefo and starting to get some great feedback.  We’ve already started to listen carefully to our customers and tweak our processes when necessary to ensure we provide the best quality of service that we can

Please take a look at our Explore Group Reviews

Our current Net Promoter Score is shown below

Onwards and upwards

We're excellent now, but that can change and this is a sure-fire way to keep track of our customers experience if standards drop

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