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Explore Group receive 4 award nominations!

Explore Group are very proud to announce that we are shortlisted for FOUR awards in the annual OnRec Recruitment Awards 2019

This is the first time that we have entered the OnRec Awards and are nominated for:-

  • The Creative Online Marketing Award

  • The Best Use of Mobile Award

  • Innovative Use of Social Media in the Recruitment Process

  • The Best Use of Online Recruitment by a Recruitment Agency

We're on a mission to stand out from the rest of the recruitment industry as recruiters who embrace the world of technology wherever possible. We strive to be market leading and innovative using the latest technology and design wherever possible and constantly stretch the boundaries of what a recruitment agency can provide.

We spend a lot of time getting to know our digital and developer communities well at a wide range of events (and in coffee bars!) and make every effort to understand the challenges that both our candidates and clients face to enable us to successfully partner and help in ways that other recruiters may not be able to

We add value to our customers by providing a range of innovative solutions such as video interviews, market insights and guides over a wide range of channels to keep you up to date with the tech market.  This means that our consultants have a wider pool of niche unique talent at hand and can provide specific information or trends that you might need to help further your career or grow your team

We also spend a huge amount of time creating the UK's No. 1 Guide to Tech and Developer Events 2019 so you know what is happening near you and can ensure you're on top of the latest news and best practices in your field.  And now we also provide the biggest New York Tech, StartUp, Developer and Networking Guide too!  

We're not at the end of our journey yet - we're on a quest for constant improvement within all areas of the business - and that quest should never stop

Hopefully, you'll see us at the awards on the 7th March and can see how far we've come - watch this space closely!

Find out more about the OnRec Awards here 



Added 16-Jan-2019