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Why you should become a recruiter

I have been in the industry for nearly 10 years and as a recruiter I’m asked the same question every day, ‘what is the most exciting and rewarding job in the corporate world’? For me there is one answer, it's recruitment and I’ll explain the reasons why

1. NO qualifications

Recruitment is a relatively easy profession to join because there are no strict qualifications or degree requirements. I speak to a lot of people who are worried that their education will be an issue, and good news, it’s not. Looking round the office we have people from a variety of backgrounds because, especially for us anyway, when selecting a recruiter it’s based on their skills and personality. If they can demonstrate the raw competencies i.e. Natural sales ability, Articulate, Resilient, Passionate and have strong communication skills then they are well on their way to becoming a recruiter

2. It's thrilling, challenging and has variety

No day is the same, for anyone. One day you could be out meeting the CEO of a huge Investment Bank discussing business growth, strategies and negotiating terms. The next day you will be managing the full end-to-end recruitment process from facilitating the interview, to ensuring the selection process provides our clients with the best possible result. You'll gather and analyse market intelligence to provide both clients and candidates with unique insights and will use the latest technologies to uncover the perfect candidates for our market leading clients. You will have your good days… but you will also have bad days. It's life.

3. Performance = money!

If you’re a naturally competitive person and you’re looking for a profession that pays well i.e. you love money, then I would highly recommend recruitment. I admit it’s not all about the money BUT it most certainly helps. Competition is high in recruitment which means commission is as well. As with most sales jobs, pay is based more heavily on performance and if you chose a recruitment agency with a good commission structure you’re quid’s in. 

4. Meritocracy based industry

It’s not about how long you’ve been in the industry for which for a lot of people is still the case. Those who progress in recruitment is based on their ability and talent. Work hard and progress fast. 

5. Family-type environment

The culture in recruitment as a whole is quite family orientated and by that I mean everyone looks out for one another. From trainee level up to management, there is always someone on hand to help i.e. a trainee is on a call with a client and it’s a tough call, a senior consultant will always step in to guide you through it. We’re all in this together, we all know what it's like to be the ‘newbie’ and when you have a tough month. We celebrate each other’s success, yes there might be people jealous of your pay packet at the end of the month, but you are giving them insight into what they can achieve in the coming months

6. Energy

You’re a social person, you like meeting new people -  dare I say you’re a ‘peoples person’! Recruitment offices are always buzzing, whether it's someone negotiating terms with top tier investment banks or ‘gonging in a deal’, there is always something going on. The buzz and banter of the office! Ok I’ll be honest, especially in our offices, there are some lame jokes that fly around. I LOVE the fact people are trying to be funny (nice try lads) but the jokes are outdated, up your game!

7. Educated in business

Being in recruitment means you will learn so much about different sectors, company cultures, organisational structure, negotiation, representation… the list goes on! One minute you can be speaking to the IT director of a quirky digital media agency in Brighton, the next a CEO of an Investment Bank. What career provides you with such variety and in-depth insight into the business world?

8. Opportunity to meet some rather interesting and rare people

It's true. As mentioned above you get to meet so many interesting people - all whom you can learn from. You could be having a coffee meeting with an IT manager one minute, and the next meeting a director of a huge international business who has a 100k hiring budget for the next 12months. Also interviewing people is a real window into some amazing lives and when you actually hear the stories of how companies have grown from just 1 person to over 200 you can appreciate that nothing is impossible. Also speaking to candidates, people in tech love talking about projects they have worked on and you can become quite a tech geek yourself over time. In recruitment you’re always learning.

So, if you feel like recruitment could be the career for you, come in and meet us. Come and have a coffee.

Written by Steph Calvert

Added 1-Sep-2017