10 Alternative To Akka.NET & Notebooks From Prototype To Production




10 alternative to Akka.NET & Notebooks from prototype to production

2 December 2019


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• 18:30 - Networking with pizza and drinks (courtesy of Redgate Software)
• 18:55 - Introduction to .NET Cambridge (Andrea Angella)
• 19:00 - 10 Alternative to Akka.NET (Alan Hemmings)
• 20:10 - Notebooks from prototype to production (Diego Colombo)
• 21:00 - Closing

Notebooks from prototype to production

Blending Research and production is a growing pressure on modern production cycles, tools are ramping up their maturity and methodologies are changing. Notebooks and interactive experiences are integrated tools in modern software development.
If fail fast was the mantra so far now move to production fast is even more relevant with the amount of automation and governance in dev-ops. Understanding how to leverage prototype refinement, parametrisation, export and other ways to move exploration artefacts are crucial areas to address in modern scale applications where data and business logic merge in domain-driven design approaches.