#14 South West Test




#14 South West Test

6 November 2018


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When amazing people like Ellie Cottrell from Zone Digital (https://www.zonedigital.com/uk/) contacted me, to offer their space, I said yes straight away. It's difficult to find companies willing to host us and these offers make the organising work so much easier.

Following on from our October meetup we have another couple of amazing talks for you. The first one is from Mereen Mohammad, she has just been awesome in the short time that I've known her, regularly attending the events and sharing her thoughts/experiences about the events with other but also offering excellent feedback to me, to help improve things!! I'm very happy to be able to offer her the chance to share some of her life experiences with a wider audience - Really looking forward to her talk.

Our second talk is by Christoper Chant who is a very popular member of the wider test community and has a wealth of experience to share. He's going to be telling us about Wardley Maps and how we can use them.

Finally, we have a familiar face and former SWT event host, Dan Billing. He's back in the area for a few days and wanted to share a talk with us all.

Likely meet up Agenda:

18:30 - Arrive at the Zone Digital office.

19:05 - Quick Intro

19:10 - Talk One:
- "Talent & Tech: Where the girls at?" by Mereen Mohammad (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mereen-mohammad/)

Mereen is a Software Engineer by education and after realizing that the only contact she had was between her and the keyboard, she decided to stop writing code and have a bit of human interaction instead.

She then did her Masters in Management from University of Bristol and went into Sales to challenge herself and challenge the so called “laddy” male dominant market.

During this journey, she had some challenges but being a strong advocate of diversity, she kept moving forward.
Mereen is a woman in tech, the only Muslim woman in her office and the first in her family to have gained independence.

She now spends much of her time helping Testers find their dream jobs and changes lives, one at a time.

Her talk will focus on some of the challenges faced by minorities and why diversity should be embraced with open arms.

19:25 - Talk Two:
- "This one time at Map Camp" by Christopher Chant (https://twitter.com/choibot)

Narratives are great for communicating with small groups, but they have their drawbacks when communicating with wider audiences or on complex topics. Wardley Maps offer an alternative which provides excellent insight into your current situation and can reveal where you need to go next.

In this talk, I'll share what I've learned about Wardley Maps by walking you through the process of making one.

19:40 - Short Break

19:50 - Talk Three:
- "HOT FUZZING! - Testing with the full power of data" by Dan Billing (https://twitter.com/TheTestDoctor)

Have you ever wanted to use the full power of data in your testing? Have you run out of ideas when it comes to “negative” testing scenarios? Do you want to try your hand at introducing elements of security testing to your repertoire of skills.

Fuzzing is a great way of doing this. It’s a way of targeting huge volumes of data at your applications and API endpoints. We will look at the basics of Fuzzing, some practical examples, tooling and your next steps for learning.

The event is open to all:

Although this is billed as a "Test" meet up it's not just for Testers, it's open to anyone who wants to come along to hear some amazing talks and interact with some lovely like minded people. Please do share the meet up details with your friends, work mates or anyone who you think would love to attend.