#16 South West Test




#16 South West Test

9 April 2019


Added 13-Feb-2023

We have a few awesome talks for you, Bruce Hughes has very kindly agreed to share some of her experiences with us all. Really looking forward to hear what she has to share.

We also have a talk from Mark Dennis who is another regular attendee of the SWT events and has decided to try his hand at speaking...which is awesome!!

He's going to be sharing his experiences and asking "To automate or not to automate" - Looking forward to hearing his views.

Finally we have a talk from Steve Ikobayo, who is the QA Lead from our hosts Zone. He will be walking us all through the test approach at Zone and how adopting a new approach can improve your outcome and products end-performance.


Event Agenda:

18:30 - Arrive at the Zone Digital office.

19:00 - Quick Intro

19:05 - Talk One

"Title to be confirmed" by Bruce Hughes (https://www.linkedin.com/in/bruce-hughes-20b270a0/)

19:15 - Talk Two

"To automate or not to automate, that is the question!" by Mark Dennis

Test Automation is a real boon to software development, but you need to be picky when deciding what to automate.
It's easy to start drowning in unnecessary/out-of-date/failing automated-tests when the development floodgates open.
From experience of building test-packs this talk explores when tests should be automated, and more importantly, when they shouldn't,
giving the foundation for a successful automated-test strategy, and helping you keep your head above water!

In this talk Mark Dennis brings his experience of implementing automated-test frameworks at a small Fintech: Prepay Solutions.

19:35 - Talk Three

"The Test Approach @ Zone" by Steve Ikobayo, QA Lead at Zone.

How Zone implements an effective testing strategy to ensure optimal performance on behalf of some of the works biggest brands, including Electrolux, Centrica, and Barratt Homes. Come see how adopting a new approach can improve your outcome and product end-performance.