5 Mistakes Made In Agile Transformations




5 Mistakes Made in Agile Transformations

21 May 2019


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At this month's Leadership Matters, we are please to be joined by thought leader and agile coach, Antony Marcano!



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19:00-19:45 Antony's presentation

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5 Mistakes Made in Agile Transformations

Agile Transformations are a challenging, and sometimes, delicate endeavour. There are numerous ways to succeed and many more ways to fail. In this talk, Antony Marcano shares 5 of the most common mistakes he's experienced over nearly 20 years as part of, or leading, Agile Transformations.

If you are already well on your way, you'll recognise some or all of these mistakes. If you're earlier on in your journey, or about to start it, this is your opportunity to avoid them. Wherever you are in your Agile Transformation, understanding these mistakes, how to avoid them – or how to mitigate them when they've already happened – will set you up for greater success whatever your next destination.