A/B Testing 101 By Booking.com Product Manager




A/B Testing 101 by Booking.com Product Manager

3 March 2021


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So what's all the fuss about? In this session, we would like to introduce you to hands on A/B Experimentation - a topic we deeply love and enjoy.

We're going to walk you through the basics of A/B Testing – when should it be used, how long should you run a test for, how to set up a test, how to interpret the results, best practices and some handy online tools.

Like most experimentation, A/B Testing is also purely based on statistics and in this session we would just touch the surface of it without going into too many details.

The attendees will hunt down experiments on a popular website working in groups and in the end of this session they will present hypothesis and success measurement metrics.

Who should attend:

  • Product Managers and Designers
  • Researchers and Developers
  • Anyone looking to build a career in Tech
  • Anyone interested in how data correlates to user behavior and business impact


  • You can arrive at the venue and short introductions
  • Basics of A/B Experimentation
  • Hunt down Experiments
  • Generate Hypothesis with metrics
  • Present your experiments with metrics
  • Wrap up, round of feedback

Main Takeaways:

  • Basic principles of A/B Testing
  • Designing an A/B test - define the hypothesis, runtime and metrics
  • Interpreting the results