Acing Your Data Engineering Interview




Acing Your Data Engineering Interview

9 July 2019

New York

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Do you leave interviews with all the answers you couldn’t think of under pressure? You’re certainly not alone—technical interviews are the toughest part of the job process for many. In this workshop, Data Engineering Program Directors at Insight, who have interviewed hundreds of candidates and prepared hundreds more to get their dream jobs, will use walkthroughs, activities, and resources to give you tips for whiteboarding, live coding, and remote Data Engineering interviews. We’ll cover how to best prepare and perform at each type of interview, ranging from algorithms to system design, SQL, and the essential behavioral component.
As a bonus, Helena and Masha will organize an interactive part where you will play the interviewer and interviewee and experience the whole spectrum of interview roles. Whether you’re thinking about entering the job market or an interview veteran looking for jobs in Data Engineering or related fields, this workshop can help you succeed.