Address Matching: How Hard Can It Be? Shahzad N.




Address matching: How hard can it be? Shahzad N.

5 September 2019


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With the increase in open source data, issues with data quality and consistency have increased in prevalence. In this talk, I will discuss some of the issues that can arise when matching postal addresses from different datasets and how these can be resolved. I will also talk about how fuzzy matching can be used for data cleansing, aiming to provide some practical tips.

And the short bio: Dr Violeta Kovacheva is a Data Scientist for Nimbus Property, a company that develops a web platform for property related data. After obtaining a Maths degree from Oxford University, she went on to do a Masters and a PhD in Systems Biology from Warwick University. She worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Institute of Cancer Research looking into machine learning image processing methods to aid cancer diagnosis. She then moved on to work as a Data Scientist for Wealth Wizards, helping them in their mission to make financial advice more accessible and affordable.

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