Admitting Your 0ld-day Vulnerabilities Will Make You Happier




Admitting Your 0ld-day Vulnerabilities Will Make You Happier

9 October 2019


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Are you ready for the first ever SB TechEx MeetUp at Simply Business?👀

Presenters - Panna Begum, Laura Blackwell, Dan Murphy & Edward Woodfall

Following a theme that's becoming ever more important to technology organisations and security teams “Vulnerability Management” 📣

Schedule for the evening👇

6.00pm: Doors open, grab yourself a drink🍺🥤

6.40pm: Intro to security at Simply Business with Wayne Moore - Chief Information Security Officer🔒

6.50pm: Panna Begum - Information Security Analyst at Simply Business📣

Title: Vulnerability management policies

Abstract: How to manage the risks and also how this is important being a global business, including info from NY Cyber.

7.10pm: Laura Blackwell - Cyber Security Analyst at Simply Business📣

Title: Options for Vulnerability Management without chewing up your network
Abstract: An overview of options for assessing your vulnerabilities through passive monitoring and local scans and covering containers

7.30pm: Dan Murphy - Senior Application Security Engineer & Ed Woodfall - Security Engineering Manager at Simply Business 📣

Title: Web App Scanning - How we selected a DAST solution and the challenges we faced
Abstract: We’ll take you on a journey with us as we try to select a DAST service. We’ll be setting the scene with the problem we’re trying to solve and some of the requirements that stemmed from that. Then we’ll cover how we setup an environment to safely test providers without exposing them to our apps and without hosting a known vulnerable app in our development or production environments. Next we’ll cover some of the challenges we faced and what the road ahead looks like for Simply Business.

7:50pm: Question time❓

8.00pm: Pizza time🍕

9.00pm: Fancy a drink and chat at the local pub - The Tokenhouse🍺