Advanced React Concepts




Advanced React Concepts

9 September 2018

New York

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React is the most popular library to build User Interfaces in 2018. Thousands of engineers are using it every day.
If you want to become a better React developer, you need to peek under the hood and understand how React works.
During this session, we will demystify React core concepts by live coding a lean React and React DOM clone from scratch.

Target audience
This Master Class is aimed at React developers of any level of experience.

- 6: Welcome!
- 6:30: Master Class starts
- 8: Q&A
- 8:30: Thank you!

What to Expect:
- Lecture
- Live coding
- Food and drinks
- Having a good time

Your instructor: Nir Kaufman
Principal front-end consultant at 500Tech and Google Developer Expert of web technologies. For the past five years, Nir has trained hundreds of development teams around the world from leading companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Dell, Phillips, Siemens, and HP, to name a few.
Nir was selected as the trainer of the year for 2017 in Europe.

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