Advice From Women In Data Science




Advice from Women in Data Science

13 November 2018

New York

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Data scientists have the best job in the USA, according to Glassdoor. The field may be relatively new and occasionally vaguely defined, but one thing's for sure — it's also growing as more and more people are skilling up to enter the data science workforce.

At this event hear from a panel of women working in data science in Chicago regarding topics such as the job search, navigating the work culture and it's environment.


Amy Zhou is currently a Data Scientist at Chicago Trading Company. She graduated from Metis in June 2018. Formerly, she had worked extensively with large quick-service food companies on improving the use of their supply chain data, primarily through business intelligence initiatives. She has a Bachelor in Science in Industrial Engineering and Classics from Northwestern University in Chicago.

Lara Kattan is a Senior Data Scientist at Metis. comes to Metis. Formerly at McKinsey, she worked with financial institutions on risk modeling. Prior to settling into the practical world of consulting, Lara received a master's from the University of Chicago, where she had the privilege of thinking about problems with no real-world implications. The statistical and mathematical elegance of data science are what animate her the most, but she gets her biggest joy from demystifying the rigorous mathematics for all audiences.

Stephanie Kirmer is a Senior Data Scientist at Uptake, where she develops software tools for analyzing fuel efficiency and consumption. Previously at Uptake she constructed predictive models for diagnosing and preventing mechanical failure in the rail industry space. Before joining Uptake, she worked on data science for social policy research at the University of Chicago. She is also an adjunct faculty member in the College of Science and Health at DePaul University. Stephanie holds an MA in Sociology from Portland State University and an MA in Social and Cultural Foundations of Education from DePaul University. @data_stephanie on Twitter.

Amy Yang is a Sr. Data Scientist at Uptake where she conducts industrial analytics and build prediction models to major industries and help them increase productivity, security, safety and reliability. She is also the co-organizer for Chicago RLadies and head of their career development initiatives. She had a background in statistics and has both academic and industry experience. @ayanalytics on Twitter.