Ag-grid And Dojo 2




ag-grid and Dojo 2

9 July 2018


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Our July meetup is planned for the 10th of July at Skills Matter CodeNode. Please remember to also register at the Skills Matter website (once we have the link ).


18:00: Meet and greet

18:30: Welcome to HalfStack & JS News

18:40: Challenges of Building a Datagrid

19:40: Dojo 2 and ag-grid Interoperability, by Dylan Schiemann

20:00: Pub

About the speakers:

Niall Crosby

Founder of ag-Grid, the JavaScript Datagrid for Enterprise.

Before that, 15 years working as Java / Oracle developer across investment banking, government and telecoms.

Entrepreneur and developer.

Dylan Schiemann

As CEO of SitePen and one of the original creators of Dojo, Dylan Schiemann is an established presence in the JavaScript and open source communities. Under his direction, SitePen has become a mainstay for enterprise organizations that are focused on creating highly performant and sustainable, modern web applications. Dylan’s current initiatives include SitePen investment in open source tools such as Dojo 2, TypeScript and Intern and being an active member of the JS Foundation. Dylan also helps organise the HalfStack meetup and conference. When not actively engaged in business development, Dylan enjoys traveling and sharing his experiences at conferences around the world.

About the talks:

Challenges of Building a Datagrid

The technical challenges of building a data grid is what makes it one of the most difficult components to write. This is why most companies decide to buy a grid in, or if they don't then often struggle to get it right.

Having brought ag-Grid to the market, we can look back and talk about the design decisions that were made to make ag-Grid the project that it is today.

Dojo 2 and ag-grid Interoperability

After a brief overview of Dojo 2 ( ), this talk will include a quick demonstration of using ag-grid as a Custom Element with Dojo 2.