Agile & Making Good Use Of VR And AR




Agile & Making Good Use of VR and AR

10 April 2019


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We welcome back Lewis Oaten from Razorsecure and Tom Colvin from Apps in the Sky for part five in our front/back end series where they will discuss their experiences and the tools that they have used in the respective businesses. So, come and join the us and be part of the growing tech community here in Basingstoke. All are welcome and we'll have free beer and pizza courtesy of our sponsors: Dominos, Desk Lodge and XL Communications. Here's what our speakers will cover this month:

Agile - Change your approach & deliver fast!

In this talk, Lewis will discuss the principle of agile development, the upsides, downsides, warts and all. Also how Agile can revolutionise your software development approach and get your team delivering fast

Making Good Use of VR and AR

In this talk, Tom will discuss the key technologies and trends in VR/AR that App developers need to be aware of including:

* Google Cardboard
* Oculus
* Samsung Gear being given away
* Revenue numbers
* Pokémon Go