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agile content conf

29 - 31 January 2018


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When stakeholders push back on your content recommendations, you don’t need to cringe. When they share opinions and anecdotes, insist on using jargon, or appear to ignore the data, resist the temptation to argue your case. Objections are opportunities: they show that stakeholders care about content and want to be involved in making it effective. All it takes to move from conflict to productive dialogue is to change how you hear feedback. What if your stakeholders aren’t trying to undermine you, but instead want to work with you to find content solutions that work for users?

At the fourth annual agile content conf you’ll learn to reframe objections as opportunities to work together on solutions that everyone buys into, through:

  • case studies of collaboration from organisations like Global Radio, GOV.UK, and Breast Cancer Care
  • short workshops where you’ll practise techniques like pair writing and user research
  • a full-day workshop where you’ll deepen your learning and apply it to your content challenges