Agile Leadership As A Service




Agile Leadership as a Service

3 October 2019


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We're are proud to welcome Mina Boström Nakicenovic, who has recently been voted at one of the top 100 women in agile and always provides exciting and inspiring talks, back to AWA this October!

Nowadays many companies are focused on improving their agile practices and processes. What they often lack is improving leadership skills at the management level.

Leadership can be thought of as a service that people in an organization either ”buy” or ”don’t buy”, according to the INSEAD’s professors of business strategy R. Mauborgne and C. Kim. Every leader has customers: bosses to whom the leader must deliver business performance and followers who need the leader’s guidance and support to grow. When people value your leadership practices, they buy your leadership and are inspired to act with commitment. Otherwise they disengage.

When leading software development, the challenge is not only to inspire and motivate people, but also to adjust the organizational design and the system architecture (Conway’s law) and also to create and drive a technical roadmap. Furthermore, leaders are responsible to align agile, autonomous teams to the company’s strategy and towards common company’s goals.

So, how to manage all mentioned things in the best possible way so that people from all levels, up and down, buy your leadership? What are the most important features and properties in such a leadership service?