Agile:MK October - So When Will It Be Done?




Agile:MK October - So When Will It Be Done?

7 October 2019

Milton Keynes

Added 01-Jan-1970

In a perfect Agile world we work on the next most important thing as fast as we (sustainably) can, deliver it when it’s done, and repeat.

However, the reality for a lot of us is we still hear things like:
• “So when can I tell the customer it will be done?”
• “You can do Agile if you want, but the company still expects everything to be done on time, on budget and with the required scope”
• “How can we decide if we’re going to fund this if we don’t know what we’ll get by when?”

In this session Agile:MK organisers John and Rien will share examples from their work places, then lead a discussion around the experiences of the rest of the group and share ideas for what works and what doesn’t.

If time allows we’ll also describe an idea that we haven’t tried yet to see what the group think, how different people would approach it, if it might work in our different organisations. You never know, we might come up with an approach that finally fixes this problem!*