Agile Standup Night




Agile Standup Night

11 April 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

What are we trying to fix?
Do you think most meetups are a little slow and a lot of time is taken up with long speeches? Do you think there is a barrier to getting your teams experience in front of other people? Do you think you would like to speak in front of your peers but never have the chance or enough material? Want to try out some crazy theory or even some humour with a group of smart people?

Who might want to come along?
We are looking for enthusiastic change addicts to speak and try out new ideas, crack some Agile jokes or vent on recurring problems in bite sized 5 minute slots.

On the night:
Speakers will be limited to 5 minutes of presentation time followed by 3 minutes Q&A. If you'd like to speak, please put your name on the speaker list when you arrive. Share your thoughts, ideas, rants and raves about all things Agile. Whether you're a seasoned public speaker or trying it for the first time, it doesn't matter, you get to put your ideas forward and listen to others.