AI And Data Science In Trading




AI and Data Science in Trading

19 - 20 March 2019

New York

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Finding alpha has always required asset managers to ‘raise the bar’ in terms of technology.  Today, the combination of endless new data sources, cheap computing and new AI techniques is powering fundamental change. Being the first to deploy a winning strategy from a particular data set (or group of data sets) requires asset managers to have learnt new skills, built new teams and mastered the latest computing techniques.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Trading is the event for senior management from hedge funds and investment banks to discover how to maximize this opportunity.

You will learn from 50 world-class speakers, from leading asset management companies, academia and technology providers.  In addition to the individual speaker sessions and panel debates, the many networking opportunities allows you to meet with peers and international experts who’s focus and challenge are completely aligned with yours.

Topics include:
• Risk Management & Regulation 
• Quant for Fundamentals
• Quantitative Methods
• Use of Alternative Data
• Artificial Intelligence 
• Technology, Infrastructure & Innovation

The potential presented to investment banking is both a profit opportunity (via increased flexibility and speed) as well as a cost reduction play (reduced headcount via automation).  Either way, technology is a critical competitive differentiator and attending AI & Data Science in Trading will allow you to benchmark your business and create a winning strategy.