AI Everywhere




AI Everywhere

24 October 2018

New York

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Join 10th Magnitude, Microsoft, and your peers for a discussion on the Art of Digital Disruption and the role of AI beyond the cloud.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how your customers buy, your suppliers deliver, and your competitors compete. Is AI changing how youserve, operate, and win? The fast-emerging field of AI is everywhere. Organizations of all size and industry are feeling the pressures to move rapidly and to digitally transform. Join this discussion to explore how you can move quickly, innovate rapidly, and respond to changes in the marketplace.

“AI will change our world…The cloud has made tremendous computing power available to everyone, and complex algorithms can now be written to discern insights and intelligence from the mountains of data.”

Satya Nadella, Hit Refresh


8:30am: Welcome and introductions

9:00am: Warm breakfast and meaningful discussion

11:30am: Q&A

Agility Quadrant: Lead. Innovate. Disrupt.

AI is everywhere. It’s driving digital transformation and disruption across nearly every industry. What lies ahead for you and your AI initiatives? How will you become the next industry disruptor?

There is no one path for becoming a Digital Disruptor. Different organizations move up the Agility Quadrant in different ways. Every organization consumes and capitalizes on this transformative change differently. There are, however, best practices, prioritizations, and proven guidance that lay a strong foundation and map a plan for execution. Improved technical agility and organizational agility are the primary paths that an organization must execute against on the path to digital transformation and disruption.