Air Presents: Our Tech Stack




Air Presents: Our tech stack

6 March 2019

New York

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Come by our office and hear about how we're building Air! Drinks and food will be provided, along with plenty of time for hanging out before and after the presentations.

Lifecycle of an icon
Join Chris Nager, senior front-end developer at Air, for a walk through our icon creation process at Air—from ideation to implementation—and a look at the technology used along the way.

Getting closer to the customer
With launch fast-approaching, Air needed to tighten the loop between customer and team. Hear how Tyler Strand, Air's CTO, adjusted the product development process to ensure our roadmap always put our customers first.

Going serverless
Curious about tech’s trendiest buzzword? Take a tour of Air’s serverless infrastructure with senior developer Kevin Zhai and learn about the pros and cons we’ve encountered across a variety of use cases.