Alexa.Net With Steve Pears + Writing Business Apps In F#




Alexa.Net with Steve Pears + Writing Business Apps in F#

2 September 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970 - More than just voice:

When developers think of using Alexa, they typically think of a device on a shelf being spoken to.
They're right - that is the functionality all skills have to have.
But what if you already have a great conversation? What else can you offer your users?
In this talk we start with an Alexa Skill, a dice roller written in .NET, that already ticks that conversation box and look at enhancing it to offer much more than just speech.

Writing Business Apps in F#:

As you may have heard, F# is great for specialist areas such as finance, scientific research or data analysis but it is also an excellent choice for writing the boring Line of Business apps we work on every day. If you write cloud-ready web apps or cross-platform/mobile apps, then the F# story is very compelling. In this session I will show you how functional programming in F# could help you write apps designed for the rapidly evolving world we live in.