Algorithms Study Group




Algorithms Study Group

4 December 2018

New York

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Are you studying data structures and algorithms for a coding interview? This is a study group just for you!

Maybe you're struggling to stay diligent? Every monthly, we'll have a check-in where we each report on our progress to hold ourselves accountable. Maybe you're overwhelmed with all the material and need some direction? We'll pick a topic for each month to focus on, like Trees or Dynamic Programming. Maybe you're looking to push yourself to the next level? We'll pair off to do mock interviews and challenge each other with harder and harder questions!


The group meets remotely on Slack and Google Hangouts.
*8pm - We'll start with a quick check-in (similar to a scrum stand-up). The check-in is to keep each other accountable - what did you plan to do and how much did you actually get done?
*8:15pm - After the check-in, we'll discuss the topic of the month. That could include a quick lecture and going through a problem together.
*8:45pm - We'll break off into independent work: there'll be office hours for any questions and we'll have a system for people to pair off for mock interviews.

Sound good to you? Sign-up for this meetup and do the following 2 steps:
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