An Evening With Docker On Windows




An Evening with Docker on Windows

15 February 2018


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Developer South Coast Meetup


  1. Docker on Windows - The Beginner's Guide

    Containers are a new, lightweight model of compute and Docker lets you run server-side apps using the exact same platform on your dev laptop and in a highly-available cluster in the cloud. In this first session you'll learn the basics of Docker on Windows - how to build, ship and run apps as containers - and you'll learn why Docker is such a big deal.

    2. Modernizing .NET Apps with Docker

    Docker isn't just for greenfield .NET Core apps running in Linux - you can run existing full .NET Framework apps in containers on Windows. In this session you'll see how to take an existing .NET app and run it in Docker on Windows with no code changes. Then you'll see how Docker enables you to break features out of the app and run them in separate containers, giving you a roadmap for modernizing your existing app landscape without needing full rewrites.