Angular April




Angular April

16 April 2019

New York

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πŸ•’ 6:00 - Chill
πŸ•’ 6:30 - Intros

πŸ•’ 6:45 - Yakov Fain
🎀 TypeScript Puzzlers

As an Angular developer, you are coding in TypeScript day in and day out. But can you say that you know the syntax of this language? In this presentation, you'll be looking at small code fragments and will either try to explain them or guess if they will even compile. Since this is not a technical interview, you'll get the answers too! The person who'll provide the best answers will get a signed copy of the second edition of Yakov's book "Angular Development with TypeScript"

πŸ•’ 7:15 - Break

πŸ•’ 7:30 - Nir Kaufman

πŸ•’ 8:00
πŸ»β˜•οΈ Post-event hangout: