Angular May: Angular In Details




Angular May: Angular in details

21 May 2019

New York

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Let's discover the best practices!

πŸ•’ 6:00 - Chill
πŸ•’ 6:30 - Intros

πŸ•’ 6:45 - Chris Samuel
🎀 Angular Routing and Navigation

- Configuring a Route
- Adding a router-outlet to your Application
- Using RouterLink
- Adding Route Authentication Controls with route guards
- Implementing nested views with route parameters and child routes
- Problems that I had to overcome with this project

πŸ•’ 7:05 - Kirill Cherkashin
🎀 Kirill Cherkashin: TypeScript ❀️Structural Search

πŸ•’ 7:30 - Break

πŸ•’ 7:40 - Michael Solati
🎀 Angular Elements

You write React for work, but you don't want to no mo'. You ask your boss, please? But (s)he still says, no! How about instead of missing class, you try something different? Well, the Angular team has something cool for you... Angular Elements! Angular Elements are Angular components packaged as custom elements, a web standard for defining new HTML elements in a framework-agnostic way. Learn how to write and package your Angular components to be used across any framework (or no framework) by extending HTML to allow you to define a tag whose content is created and controlled by your Angular code. Now you can put your Angular components into any other frameworks components! (You gotta fight for your right to write Angular!)

πŸ•’ 8:10