Annual Lightning Talks Event




Annual Lightning Talks Event

17 December 2019


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This is a much anticipated event on our calendar. The 2017 and 2018 events have had a great variety of topics and been really well received. See below for details of another full and varied evening.

Arrive 1800 for networking.
First talk will be at 1830.
Each talk 10-15 minutes max.
We will break for pizza at about 1930.

The 2019 Lightning Talks

"Has Manual Testing Had Its Day" by Wanda Hawkins-Kavanagh
Today more organisations are moving towards working with an Agile mindset. Automation testing has become more prevalent. With this in mind where does manual testing and the manual QA fit in?

"Face Value" by Dominic Kavanagh
Value has many forms, so when we’re asked to prioritise with a view to maximise value, where do we actually start?

"What Drives Behaviour" by Raz Woolard
The university needed a new website as the software was out of support and the hardware needed urgent replacement. The university knew what students needed academically but their website had a very corporate feel and it did not appeal to students. My team and I knew this would be a very hard sell to the Leadership team, so we commissioned a research team to dig deeper into what drives behavIour.
I will talk (very briefly!) about what a behavioural segmentation is and how it helped provide statistically significant data for the business case and create personas that were used by the marketing team as well as the development team.

"To sprint or not to sprint" by David Boyd
I will be delivering a short talk combining two topics I really care about: 1. Helping teams and 2. Running.

"Measuring Agile Maturity - Effective or not?" by Phil Thompson
At the last round of lightning talks I introduced you to the Agile Maturity Matrix that me and my colleagues had discovered and were thinking of using with our teams to measure their agile maturity. At this lightning talk I'll discuss how it went and whether or not it was worth the effort.

"Conquering Task Management Overwhelm" by Tom James
If you're anything like me, managing the diversity and volume of competing 'stuff' you need to complete is a real challenge and often overwhelming.
In this short talk I'll introduce a tool and method that I've begun to use to improve my task management effectiveness, and how I've made it stick

"Thinking Driven Testing" by Jon Pheasey
The talk will focus on critical thinking within agile testing. It will look at how we change from a Quality Checking mindset to a Quality Assurance mindset.