Annual Pharma AI & IoT 2019




Annual Pharma AI & IoT 2019

10 - 11 July 2019


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There needs to be a fundamental shift in drug discovery and artificial Intelligence holds the key to bringing the pharma industry into the 21st Century. From discovery and development and through the entire product lifecycle, artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to shake up the life-sciences industry. The potential of intelligent apps (i.e., apps that are capable of learning from experience) is so far-reaching that it is expected that AI-enabled drugs will be brought to market in the near future. A Silicon Valley Bank analysis last month found that 44 venture-backed deals raised $2.2 billion between 2015 and the first half of 2017 for Dx/Tools companies that use AI/ML as part of their underlying technology. A report from Aruba states that 60 percent of health care organizations across the world have started using the internet of things in their facilities. Current uses include insulin delivery, activity trackers for cancer treatment, ingestible sensors, depression-fighting apps, and more. 

A growing need for healthier lifestyles coupled with breakthrough technological innovation has been instrumental in boosting adoption, and the global IoT healthcare market is expected to grow from USD32.4 Bn in 2015 to USD163.2 Bn by 2020, a CAGR of 38.1%. One of the world’s biggest markets for healthcare services, the United States spends approximately 18% of its GDP on healthcare every year. By improving adherence to prescribed therapies alone, the US could significantly reduce their healthcare spends. The effective deployment of IoT-based healthcare delivery technologies could help the US save well over USD 300 billion

Our Pharma AI & IoT 2018 will provide insight into the current state of play in the EU & US and stimulate debate, in a multi-stakeholder setting, on the vital role of techonologyy impact in the sustainability of pharma and healthcare systems. Beyond a comprehensive outlook of key European market access policies,  our speakers will outline the key recent developments in technology impact in pharma and healthcare in the EU and other international jurisdictions. By attending this conference, you will gain a comprehensive outlook on the key issues surrounding latest technologies that are being analysed towards the pharma and healthcare. This event will provide an important platform for stakeholders to discuss and share best practices in furthering technology development in pharma and healthcare