Ansible London MeetUp




Ansible London MeetUp

7 February 2018


Added 01-Jan-1970

We've got talks, beer and pizza, so come along and mingle with fellow Ansiblers :-)

Thank you to for providing the pizza.
Thank you as always to Sainsbury's for the venue and beer.


1) Ansible Roles
Matthew and James from F5 will run an introduction to Ansible roles and an overview of Ansible Galaxy also real-world experience from James on how roles are being used in production.

2) Learn Ansible in 5 minutes
Jonatan Bjork, former organiser of Ansible Oxford and DevOps Oxford, will show us the fastest way to get your colleagues from zero to playbook.

3) Secret Management in Ansible
Dimple Dalby will show us how to deal with secrets in Ansible, including some best practices. We will also see how Consul can be used as a vault backend.

4) Ansible Templates
Jiri Tyr is back on stage, this time demonstrating the power and flexibility of Jinja 2 templates.

We are always looking for talks, even 5 minutes on how you are using Ansible can make a very interesting discussion point. If you have an idea (for this or a future meetup) please add it to