Applications In Azure In 2019




Applications in Azure in 2019

12 March 2019


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In the kick off session of the Kent Azure Meetup Jim Paine will take us through developing for Azure in 2019, including a range of topics, such as Infra as Code (IaC), Serverless, Managed Service Identity (MSI), Secret Management and Azure DevOps Pipelines. Jim will show us how we can take advantage of Azure native capabilities to simplify your application without tying yourself into a specific framework or losing capabilities, that our expected in modern app development. While based around an app, Jim will include overlaps from ops, dev and IT pros

Jim is a cloud architect working at Microsoft, focused on application development across the UK and is one of the team that run app dev specific workshops from the Microsoft Technology Centre. He has a current focus on Serverless, IaC using Terraform and consuming AI through the cognitive services.

If you are looking for some great pointers around how you might build or migrate an application this this will be a great session for you, so come grab a beer and some food and we all look forward to welcoming you to launch of the Kent Azure Meetup.