Appraising The Pink Elephant




Appraising the Pink Elephant

12 March 2019


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As UX/Product designers or owners, it is unavoidable that at some point within any project design process those for whom we are designing the product – be they business stakeholders, the end user or both – must be included within the decision-making process.

Managing the expectations, demands and emotions of these parties invariably brings complexity to the design process, as each stakeholder brings their own bias of expectations and requirements to any given project.

Whether working within an agency for clients, or client-side as part of an internal team; addressing these challenges is an integral part of delivering the best solution for a project.

In this UX playground talk, Pete will draw from his 2 decades worth of experience in the design sector, in order to outline some techniques in effective client management, understand standing what your stakeholders' requests really mean and just how to handle those ‘problematic’ demands.

Using some real-world examples from his history in the entertainment and corporate sectors, those attending will leave the event with:

- Tactics for managing multiple stakeholders with opposing viewpoints and requirements
- Techniques for presenting designs and prototypes to non-design-thinking​ orientated project partners
- Best practice suggestions in handling difficult or contradictory client requests/demands Interpreting confusing user feedback and research results