2 April 2019


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18:30 - 19:00 Food, drinks and socialising
19:00 - 19:10 Welcome by organisers
19:10 - 19:30 Carmen Andoh, Go engineer, Google
19:35 - 19:55 Kir Shatrov, platform engineer, Shopify
20:00 - 20:20 Paris Apostolopoulos, Lead Engineer, Ticketmaster
20:25 - 20:45 Sam Irvine, Infrastructure Engineer, ControlPlane
20:45 Pub

Abstract and Speaker Bios:

Carmen Andoh
Carmen recently joined the Go Team at Google, but up until this February worked as an Infrastructure Engineer at Travis CI. Wielding as many as 4 different clouds (yo dawg, you like multi-clouds?) for 3+ million Linux & Mac (and WSL) Builds per week. Before that, she's had other lifetimes that have had nothing to do with tech. Ask her about Heavy Metal radio stations and autism spectrum disorders and preparing dossiers for meeting European royalty.

Abstract: You know containers. You know K8s. But do you really _know_? Enter Infra on HARD MODE: K8s on Mac Hardware, at scale. Come listen to the adventures of a friendly neighbourhood build infrastructure team, and how they managed K8s on Mac.

Kir Shatrov, Autoscaling Kubernetes clusters the hard way
Kir Shatrov is a platform engineer at Shopify where he works on scalability and reliability of one of the world’s largest ecommerce platforms. When not into working, Kir enjoys cooking, gastronomic tourism (he even has a GitHub repo with his favourite spots!) and exploring London on the bike.

Abstract: Autoscaling workloads in Kubernetes often sound like throwing some Horizontal Pod Autoscalers and KCCO. Using one of the largest commerce platforms as an example, we'll talk about why it's not always as easy and what are the typical blockers that may prevent you from adjusting capacity on the flight to accommodate for traffic growth and savings.

Paris Apostolopoulos
Paris is the Lead Software Engineer, Ticketmaster, London. He builds and designs simple web APIs and integration systems that power the new Reactive web applications of Ticketmaster International.

A year after our initial presentation around our journey with K8s at TM, we are back with more stories, lessons learnt, failures and updates. Still facing challenges and needs to accommodate for more even more markets and end users, k8s continues to be our no1 tool for the job. We still try to adopt the DevOps way which is mostly around people and not processes. Ooh and we are pivoting to EKS :)

Sam Irvine
Sam is an Infrastructure Engineer at ControlPlane, a Kubernetes and pipeline security startup in London, UK. Sam works on delivering K8s platforms and secure pipelines in high compliance environments. Previously, Sam has experience delivering scientific outreach and presented technical training.

Most organisations build then deploy container images directly to Kubernetes using the same CI server. This paradigm requires a CI server to have build-time secrets, direct networking routes to K8s, and deploy credentials. This privilege and access means CI servers are a goldmine for malicious actors. Is there a better way to deploy to Kubernetes than running kubectl from a CI server? In this talk Sam explores a solution to these issues by shifting control away from Jenkins, implementing a fully-automated GitOps pipeline with comprehensive security controls, integrated audit, and cryptographic signing.