Automated Machine Learning At Scale




Automated Machine Learning at Scale

16 July 2018

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

Join us on July 17 for our next tech panel, featuring AppNexus Chief Architect Ron Lissack, AppNexus Director of Data Science Abraham Greenstein, Data Science Manager Tian Yu, Senior Software Engineer Chinmay Nerurkar, and Senior Data Scientist Stephanie Tzeng as our moderator!

Are you afraid that robots are about to take over the world? Don't worry – they aren't. They aren't even that smart – but they sure are useful!

At AppNexus, the data science and engineering teams leverage machines to transact billions of online advertisements a day in real-time auctions. In this panel, we will discuss how we use machine learning to automate decision making to help show the right advertisements to the right people browsing on the internet. This effectively delivers advertisers' messages and allows for publishers (websites) to efficiently monetize on their content. We will discuss how we use algorithms to bid on ad spaces, select the correct ad creatives to serve, and control the marketplace via auction dynamics.